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David Wang, Creator of the Rapid Personal Growth and Development Framework

David made the improbable journey from an ordinary kid growing up in an ordinary middle-class family to repeatedly making an impact on a global scale.

He started off small, graduating from Peak to Peak to go on to study business at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

There, he began taking on consulting projects for Fortune 100 companies.

After graduation, he leveraged the network to help Trump win the primary and general election and help faculty initiate the digital transformation of the university.

David founded Destiny after finding himself having to mentor over two hundred students and young professionals with everything that’s not taught in school.

After learning about the college admissions scandal, he created the online programs to give students a reasonable solution that's accessible, personalized, and holistic.

Background and credentials
  • Started his journey in K-12 by becoming valedictorian at the top ranked high school in the state of Colorado for the Class of 2010, competing at the National Science Bowl, and becoming one of CO's two State AP Scholars by passing 16 different AP subject exams

  • Navigated K-12 to higher education by studying in the Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology (with a 1-2% acceptance rate) at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

  • Navigated higher education to a career by making a national impact in the 2016 U.S. election as a marketing and IT consultant

  • Shared the Rapid Personal Growth and Development Framework to Max, Jack, and Sam Altman the Summer of 2020 for it to spread virally among Ivy League faculty, Forbes 500 executives, and political world leaders

David started small by teaching and performing with Shaolin Hung Mei and winning science competitions.

He went on to work with state, national, and world leaders like Darryl Glenn, Amy Gutmann, and Donald Trump.

And more...

Many lessons taught in the Destiny Accelerator are from the Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology and visiting university affiliates.

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