Systematically creating talent

This online program guides you so you can get into the best colleges - even the most selective ones like Harvard and Stanford - while being on track to landing your dream job at a top company.

Destiny gives a holistic solution that's comprehensive, personalized, and delightfully affordable. Students follow a step-by-step process so success is by design.

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We do education differently

We asked hundreds of top universities and companies what specific skills they look and then designed our online course to help you master each key skill

Project-based learning

Your kids learn to take on real-world projects. Not only will it help with college admissions, but also prepare them for a career they love. They lay solid foundations to start at an industry-leading or high-growth company.

Fueled by interests

We help your kids form a personalized implementation plan based on their own goals and interests. It builds on their unique gifts and talents so they won’t get boxed in even at a factory model school. See them self-motivated to love learning on their own. 

Business for career readiness

Your kids get to start their lives with the equivalent of an MBA. They learn the core lessons from the U.S. News & World Report's #1 ranked business program. Its alumni include today's billionaires, presidents, and CEOs.

Get what's working right now

Our student portal also features curated collection of exemplary essays, student profiles, and successful college applications marked by admission deans. They get examples of what’s working right now so they can apply with confidence.

We teach the full stack

Most courses teach a specific subject like physics or economics. This creates clueless graduates who don't understand the whole.

To succeed in life and work, you need to learn the "full stack" — six interconnected layers of consciousness built on top of each other. 

  1. Awareness & growth — Action, measurement, growth
  2. Mental self-awareness — Identity, desire, personality, principles, beliefs, frameworks, concepts, mental models
  3. Relationships — Character, emotional intelligence, purpose
  4. Work principles — Disciplines, problem solving, product, sales
  5. Life practices — Strategy, plans, prioritize
  6. Business processes — Tools, systems, workflows, metrics, discipline, focus

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