About our mission

Why we do what we do

Giving students the best possible start in life

We’d like to try something new — give students the best possible start in life so they can achieve their best possible education, career, and life.

That means we're committed to helping students start their lives already with access to the world's top 0.01% of knowledge, resources, and connections. We'll give people the tools they need to determine their own destinies.

A strong network of star students could shape the industries and companies for all future generations. By doing so, we are ushering in a new age for modern civilization. 

Investing in the next generation

With the right guidance and support, students will inevitably achieve their best possible future. They will be fully tapped into their full potential being of service to others and themselves.

Shaping the leaders of the future

Not only will they be able to survive and thrive in the new economy, they have the right mentorship to become the future academic, business, and political leaders of the world. They will know what it takes to become the next generation of trailblazers, game changers, and billionaires.

Our principles

We operate on the founding principles that the future is innovative, personal, connected, and for everyone. 

Drive innovation

We are creating a global culture of learning that drives growth and personal development. 

For careers, innovation and reinvention are built in to deliver results.

Personalize success

Our curriculum empowers learning tailored to an individual's unique gifts and talents.

Everyone has the right guidance to improve and maintain all aspects of their personal health.

Cultivate connection

We are creating a future that is more connected and collaborative.

Kids will have the knowledge, tools, and resources to form win-win relationships. They will be the generation leading the way to build stronger communities.

Help everyone reach their greatest potential

Everyone can win.  Everyone can be wealthy and successful with the right knowledge, personal development, and actions.  We are creating an accessible solution to help everyone self-actualize.

Creating a global culture that moves humanity forward

Network is net worth. By creating a strong network with a collaborative culture, Destiny aims to push the boundaries of human potential to eventually help create the next generation of unicorn businesses, grow the economic pie, and be a tremendous net positive for society.

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